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Gaah I love having #asian #friends. #awesomefood #satisfiedtummy #goodfood #goodnight (at Sishi’s Crib)

Cactus pile at Auckland Domain

Destiny's Child: Michelle Says the Destiny's Child Super Bowl Reunion is Off Because She's Busy That Day—LOL, Okay Michelle (UPDATE)(via @Gawker) 

Michelle Williams, the museum gift shop employee who swears she was once a member of Destiny’s Child, has denied the group will reunite at the Super Bowl because she’s really busy that night LOL OK MICHELLE I THINK YOU CAN GET SOMEONE TO COVER YOUR SHIFT AND IT WON’T BE A PROBLEM. Speaking to WRUG…


Alexander McQueen s/s 2012

While the world sleeps…
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this clip just converted me into a RiRi fan ♥

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